Laughing at Shakespeare

Perhaps a lunatic is simply a minority of one.

Waking up early sucks.

“In 1993, I found myself stranded in Reno, Nevada, with no money and nowhere to stay. At night I wandered sleepless through the empty all-night casinos and restaurants, exhausted, delirious, and inventing a story about a man who thought he had insomnia but was actually living a double life: whenever he thought he was asleep, his alter ego would venture forth to have all the adventures he, himself, could never consciously dare. As the sun rose over the “biggest little city in the world”, I had the basic novel written in my head.”

—   Chuck Palahniuk, talking about his inspiration for Fight Club

I should probably get out of bed.

The next three weeks are going to be so intense. Never mind the four days of debauchery, food, and no work that just went down. Back to work for two days starting in a couple of hours. Tomorrow night, dinner date and then seeing Iron and Wine at The Opera House with Dana. The next day waking up at 6am to get a 7:30am flight to the Northern Territory. Fly in to Alice Springs, load up on supplies (read: alcohol) and then drive about ten hours to Elliott and meet up with one my oldest friends who I’ve seen about five times since leaving highschool. Did I mention I’m doing this with eight of my other friends from Sydney and that we’re roadtripping in a 10 seater troopy van all the way from Alice? It’s going to be so brutal and so much fun. We’ll be drinking all weekend in Elliott, especially Saturday night. Saturday night is one of the worlds smallest Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in the world. Gay pride festival in the middle of the desert with a few of my favourite friends, wearing a pink cocktail dress and a wig? I don’t know about you but that sounds exactly like my idea of fun. The next day with a hangover I don’t even want to consider, we will be driving back to Alice for the night, going to sleep early for road trip number two.. Tuesday we’re doing a fourteen hour round trip to see Uluru for a few hours. Fuck, it seems even more crazy when I write it like that. I can’t wait though. One more night back in Alice and then fly home Tuesday morning to work that night, work Wednesday, and then Thursday is Dana’s birthday. Hopefully her present will have arrived and definitely another dinner date. And as if that isn’t enough, that night I’m going to watch Vince Gilligan (the creator of Breaking Bad) talking for an hour about Breaking Bad as part of the Sydney Writers Festival. Then to pay for all of this madness I’m going to have to work every single day the rest of that week.

I just looked at my  calendar and I know exactly what I am doing every single day and night for the next three weeks.

I should probably get out of bed.

Fjaðrárgljúfur. South Iceland.

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I’m lovin it.

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This is actually a pretty accurate portrayal of my long weekend.

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