Laughing at Shakespeare

Perhaps a lunatic is simply a minority of one.

So on Friday I’m going to pretend to be an actor for the second time. First time was playing a zombie. And this time I’m playing a guy in a suit trapped in a giant mouse trap. Apparently. It’s going to be pretty weird and it’s also going to be Friday so I’ll probably be drunk as well.

There’s no place like home, so where am I?

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brendenmoheit said: I own the Fight Club movie & you do commentary on the special features. In the commentary you get asked if you will write a Fight Club 2. Your answer was "No" & "Nothing would be more boring then to write a sequel" What made you change your opinion?


Because I miss Tyler.  And I’m curious about building a mythology similar to what Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft have done within their work.  Simple as that.

Didn’t go to the show I’ve been thinking, reading, and talking about all week. Went to the Townie drank a million beers and lost heaps of pool.
No ragrets.

It’s cold, wet, grey, and miserable today. Perfect weather to have a day off and a little hangover. Going to have lunch and do some shopping with Dana in the city and then probably start drinking again. Hopefully get a crew together and go to Splinter. So keen to see Bare Grillz live. Weekends off are a revelation.