Laughing at Shakespeare

Perhaps a lunatic is simply a minority of one.

This is apparently a photo of rockets exploding over Gaza taken from the International Space Station. 

Don’t blame it on the sunshine. Don’t blame it on the moonlight. Don’t blame it on the good times.. Blame it on the shnitty.

"There’s a fucking storm coming, man"

Help me, I am trapped

in a haiku factory.

Save me, before they

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Flashback Friday fuckers.

The second half of Mad Max 3 is really weird. There is a tribe of kids, and something about a prophecy. I’m so confused.

Bright Eyes - We Are Nowhere and It's Now

I am pretty sure I wrote the title of this song in one of notebooks about 6 years ago when I lived in Newcastle. If not exactly then something very similar. I could probably find the notebook if I looked hard enough through the box of them I have in my cupboard. And I had never heard this song (or heard of it) until about three minutes ago. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about Bright Eyes but I do know that seeing those words in that order made me feel very strange. 

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My right eye has been twitching uncontrollably for the last week. I know it’s just due to the anxiety and stress of a new job, but knowing why it is happening does not help me at all. It feels exactly like this picture.

“It’s in the silence of the night when the realities of your existence dismantle your mind.”

—   Natalia Ramnarine 

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I love this photo.
Cat Snake.